Martiniville is a very special place created to serve its members and their guests in an atmosphere from days gone by.  
Martiniville features all of the amenities its distinguished members and guests have come to appreciate. Fine wines, vintage ports, classic cocktails and smooth jazz complemented by a menu of hors d'oeuvres; signature desserts and cigars  that are highlighted by unparalleled service.
When you enter Martiniville you pass through elegant polished brass doors and immediately are in a most comfortable cocktail lounge with live jazz, and ice cold martinis… "shaken, not stirred".
The environment is so relaxing that you may not want to leave, which is just fine, as you may dine either at the bar or at one of the lounge dining tables. You may pass by your private cigar and wine lockers, the wine cellar and the walk in humidor as you enter the dramatic main dining room with its beautiful artwork and vaulted ceiling.
Here you have a choice of dining either in plush booths or at comfortable window tables with just the right intimacy for an important business dinner or romantic special occasion. We also have two private rooms, the "library" and the "boardroom", for business or social affairs.

The world-class food and the restaurant's interior magnificence is matched only by its warm, caring, professional service. "Professionals serving professionals" is the motto at Martiniville with a commitment to "exceeding everyone's expectations every time".
Come in, enjoy a glass of wine, a great cigar and the company of good friends..........